For our final water vehicle this month, we'll do something different and ONLY use a marker.
We'll start by drawing a tilted line, followed by a curved line. It looks like a shark fin, at an angle.
From the right side, draw another line that curves a little downward, and then bends down.
Back on the left, draw a little but of a splash effect and then finish connecting the bottom of your shape.
Draw a very lightly dashed shape to finish the true bottom of your ship.
Draw a bunch of short, vertical lines from the tip of your ship, all the way to that center angle.
Connect the top of all those lines, and then draw a second line that goes across the middle too.
Draw your first gun turret in the middle of this fenced area. It's a gumdrop shape, but has a cylinder coming out of a rectangle shape.
Behind the gun, draw something that looks like an arrow pointing up.
Close the side of the arrow down, with a rectangular base along the bottom. You can add some shapes on these walls.
Draw another set of angled rectangles that connect to your previous shape with another set of vertical lines.
Along the right edge we'll keep filling out the ship with some more depth.
One more column in the back.
And finally a second gun at the very back.
Back on the top of the ship, we'll add a few dishes (as circles) and lines.
We continue drawing lines to build the antenna tower.
As you build higher, make sure to add a connector on your "bars", that go back to the central part of the tower.
Now instead of using colors, let's do some strong shading to make it more comic book style. We'll start with a large shade along the bottom left of the ship.
Then shade the wave at the front, adding some more ripples on the side and back of the ship.
Shade in most of the shapes that you have along the left side of your ship. I also added a line of shade along the bottom of the gun's barrel (the cylinder) as well as under the disc at the top of the tower.
We'll add some more shade along the left sides of some of the right pieces as well. Note the shade on the tower and rear gun.
Sign it, and your battleship is complete! 🎉