Ahoy parents and/or budding artists! Welcome to Mr. B's learn-to-draw blog. 😁 I'm glad you found us and hope you enjoy your visits.

💡 Idea

Growing up, I thoroughly enjoyed illustration. I would draw cartoons all the time, and would constantly be checking out "how to draw" books at the library, whatever the subject may be.

As adult, and particularly as an uncle and more recently a father, I've had an increasing desire to enjoy the main hobby of my youth and share it with the younger members of my family. Why stop there though? Having worked in the web development field for the past decade, I decided to leverage those skills and create a site that would be accessible to anyone who might be interested! 🎉

🏁 Goals

Initially, my goal will be to release a new "how to" every week. Each tutorial will come in 2 parts though, one will be designed for very young artists who are only getting a handle on how to draw their basic shapes (circle, triangle, square, etc.), while the other will be for older kids that already have a hang of drawing and are capable of following along with books or visual examples. So each week will have a single subject, with a Tuesday release for the little ones, and a Thursday release for the older ones.

Assuming I can maintain a good rhythm of posts, I am hoping to open up a subscription based model where those who decide to financially support the blog will get access to unique content, for example a members-only video post 🎥. Which would be a single, narrated video of what the normal, free post lays out. I'd probably include even more goodies like coloring pages or discounts on any books I might be able to compile! These videos could eventually be released for free on Youtube or something, but only after a long period of time (6 months or even a year) as to give incentive to support the blog.

For now though, I will keep things as simple as I can, and we'll see how things grow from there! If you wish to share suggestions, ask questions, or share your child's art, please feel free to reach out: hello@mrbdraws.com.