We'll be using a marker along with a black, blue, and blue-green crayon.
We'll start off with a simple circle and line. The line can curve a little bit at each tip.
Next we'll close up the line with the rest of our beak shape.
Draw a line going down from the beak, and make a similar line on the other side of the eye.
On the left side, draw a wing with 3 feathers and curve it back near the line it came out of.
From the right line, curve downwards, drawing a few jagged triangles at the bottom, and then coming up to the wing, leaving a small gap.
Back on the top side, draw the blue jay's crest with a few short lines on the left side.
Draw the legs and feet coming out of the jagged lines from before.
Add a few lines inside the legs and feet, and then complete the tail, which should connect back under the wing.
Time to color!
First color in the legs and beak with your black crayon.
Next we'll add some black strips on the tail and wing, as well as some black patterns on the face. It sort of looks like a black explosion coming out of the beak, and then something like big sideburns that come down to the neck.
Using your primary blue, lightly color the area at the top of the head, top of the wing, and then towards the back of the neck.
Using your other blue, finished coloring the tail and wing.
Sign it, and your blue jay is complete! 🎉