Today's pet will use a pencil, marker, and 2 colors.
Draw a pair of ovals, a smaller one above a larger one. The larger one should be a little thinner at one end.
Draw 2 lines (almost like a stretched out seven) coming down from the big oval.
Draw a small circle at the end of the previous line, with a backwards "L" below that.
Do the same thing again, beside the leg you just made.
On the right side of the oval, make a similar "stretched 7" like before, but bent the other way (angle pointing to the left).
Attach the circle and backwards "L" at the end here too.
Then do it all one more time.
Get your marker out and draw a pair of eyes.
Then draw a set of ears up top. You can make these triangle shaped, droopy, long and tall, or something perky like what I did here.
Draw the snout on the left.
Then draw the neck (finishing up the back of the head as well) to touch just a bit away from the oval.
On the left side, continue the neck down and around till the top of the leg. Add a line on the other side of it from the belly.
Draw down the leg till you reach the small circle. Draw a small curve around it.
Finish off the leg with a paw, which is basically 3 "C" shapes connected to the leg.
Do the same for the back leg.
Follow your oval till you just about reach the back leg.
Draw the leg around your line again, stop around the circle near the bottom.
Then drop the bottom part of the foot and paw.
Finish the other leg as well.
Finish tracing the back, and then curl that up into a tail and close it off at the back of the leg.
Draw a nose and smile, add a tongue if you'd like too.
Start erasing all your pencil lines.
Ready to color!
Dogs come in all sorts of colors, but I'll keep mine simple. Color it all in with something like orange.
And then color in the ears, nose, and tail with something darker, like brown. You can also shade the top parts of the back legs, and along the belly.
Add a little pink for the tongue.
Sign your drawing, and your dog is complete! 🎉