Today's aircraft will use a marker, pencil, and 2 colors. Please forgive the blurrier-than-usual photos today. :( 
Near the top right of your page, draw a small dot.
From that dot make 2 straight lines coming out of it, like a ray of light from the sun.
Draw 3 perpendicular lines inside the "ray". One near the top, one near the bottom, and another (that doesn't completely connect each side) below that.
Draw an "X" that crosses through the middle of your "ray" and reaches along the same line as your top/bottom lines, if you stretched them out.
Fill in the top shape.
Trace the bottom line, and then connect each edge to the bottom corners of your previous trapezoid. Draw a circle, with another circle inside, and fill it in. Then draw a few more lines to make it look like a camera lens inside the box shape.
Draw some panels up top, and a border near the end.
Add a little antenna.
At each end of your "X", draw a small gumdrop shape slight above the tip of each end. The gumdrops at the top should be a little smaller.
Draw in your rotors, with the top rotors slightly smaller than the bottom ones.
Draw a small curve below each rotor.
Add what looks like like popsicle sticks that connect back to the main body, follow the direction of your "X" shape from before.
If you feel your rotors came out too small, add a second extension to each one. Also add a little depth to each "arm" on your drone by follow the shape underneath each with another line.
Go ahead and erase your pencil marks now.
Using the black I colored in the middle rotor shapes, the top of the drone, the arms, and inside the front camera.
Then I used the orange (feel free to use your favorite) to color everything else.
Draw some ovals with your second color around each rotor, and draw something that looks like a lizard tail at the end of each one, following the oval shape.
Sign it and your drone is complete! 🎉