We'll be using a marker and 2 crayons. 
We'll start with an oval.
Then darken the top half edge of the oval.
Draw another oval around it.
Draw another half oval below that.
Draw a pair of lines coming out on each side and connect them with a curve along the bottom.
Extend this bottom curve a bit downward.
And do it one more time.
Finally connect the bottom and top using a small rectangle, with a thin tube connecting to the top part. Make three of them.
Now draw your drum sticks. It's a stick, with a little circle on one end.
Color the sticks.
Then your drum.
Lastly, use the brown to very lightly fill in the top of your drum. You can optionally fill in the top and bottom sections with a black or gray crayon, but I left mine white.
Sign it and your drum is complete! 🎉