A black marker with three colors will be used today.
We'll start by drawing a slanted and extra rounded "P" shape.
We'll add a small black circle inside of it, and then attach a rectangle to the flat bottom.
From the right side, we can draw a beak.
From the bottom left of the "P", draw a small line continuing downward, and then a large curve coming down diagonally.
Draw another curve going back the other way for the wing and add a few feathers at the tip.
Close up the rest of the body, giving the duck a puffed chest.
Bring a small pair of legs from the bottom center of the body and create your feet with 3 toes each.
Add the final details like connecting the webbed toes, adding a few feathers on the top of the wing, and a few dashes at the back of the head and bottom of the belly.
Color in the head with your green.
Lightly color the body with your brown.
Darken the chest and edges of the wing with more brown.
Color in the beak and feet with your orange.
Sign it and your duck is complete! 🎉