Our final animal for the month will need a marker, pencil, and a pair of crayons.
Draw a large, tilted oval.
Add a pair of long ovals on the left side, with the one on the edge being taller.
Then do the same on the right side.
Draw another pair of long and short ovals under each of your previous ones.
Lastly, one big oval on the top right.
On this last oval, draw a pair of eyes and brows, along with a curve on each side.
Draw a curve over the oval, and then bring it down on each side to connect to your other side curves. Draw a set of wrinkles near the top.
Underneath each side of the eye, draw a straight line that curves a little at the bottom.
At the end of the small curve, draw your elephant's tusks.
Draw a wrinkle that goes across, right below the eyes. Add a few more going down to get an idea of how you want to draw the trunk. In between both tusks, draw out your long trunk and close it off. Mine is shaped like a backwards "J".
At the top corner of your head, draw what looks like an "L" on it's side, with a little curve to it.
Then connect it back to the head adding a little bit of shakiness along the edge.
Do the same for the other ear.
From one side of the ear, go around the main oval (add a little hump near the top) and bring it all the way around to the bottom of your left-most, tall oval.
Trace around your ovals to get a thick back leg that connects into the belly. Stop once you reach the oval on the right side.
Finish off the back leg, and add some toes.
Now finish off the front legs.
Don't forget to add a tail!
Erase all your pencil marks now.
Get ready to color.
Before we fill in with color though, let's add our wrinkles all over our elephant.
Using the orange crayon, I filled in the whole elephant, very lightly.
Then switching to the brown, I filled in everything except the toes and tusks.
I then added an extra layer of brown to the back legs, belly, and along the edges of the ears and trunk.
Add a shadow using the side of your pencil below, sign it, and your elephant is complete! 🎉