Today's pond animal will use a marker and 2 shades of green.
Draw a pair of circles.
Add another pair of filled in circles in the the previous pair.
Make a sort of upside-down "U" shape around the eyes.
Draw 2 oval-like like shapes on each side, but don't finish the oval.
Instead, draw 3 toes and then a line down each side.
Add a pair of arms at the front, each hand with 3 fingers.
Close up the gaps along the bottom and add a smile.
Ready to color!
Color the whole frog with a light green.
Then with the darker green fill in the webbed toes.
Lastly, shade in the rest of the frog with the darker green. I mostly stuck along all the edges of the line, and drew some speckles on the belly.
Sign it and your frog is complete! 🎉