Today's animal will use the usual marker and pencil, as well as 3 colors.
We'll start off by drawing 2 circles, one smaller than the other.
The larger circle will get a triangle hat, on the top left.
From the base of the triangle, draw out a long line that finishes with another, smaller triangle.
From the bottom of the big circle, we'll draw a short line, a tiny circle, a longer line, and a triangle. This one has a little bend to it.
We'll draw 3 more of these, these can be a little straighter. Try to keep all the small circles aligned to each other.
Swapping to your marker now, draw the ears on the corners of the top triangle. The ears look like leaves.
Between the ears we'll add the small little horns.
Draw 2 eyes right below each ear. Add some long eyelashes (even if it's a boy giraffe, they have 'em too!) on each one.
Draw 2 small lines and make a "U" shape for the nose.
Close the head and start drawing the sides of the neck, till you reach the big triangle.
On the top side, continue down the back by adding a little hump, then curving down and around the smaller circle, finishing off with a thin tail.
Back at the front, draw a curve that looks like an "L", then the 2 more curves, and a final one below the big circle.
We'll finish the first leg, making sure to draw around the smaller circles so you can clearly see the knee!
Do the same for the leg in the back.
Going back to where you left off the tail, draw around the small circle down to the tiny circle, it almost looks like a drumstick without the bone. Connect the rest of the belly too.
Finish off the bottom of that leg.
Then finish the back leg as well.
Lastly, let's separate our hooves and then add a long, bushy tuft of hair at the end of the tail.
Erase your pencil marks.
Time to color!
Fill in your giraffe with the yellow crayon, everything but the hooves and tail.
Next go over everything again with the orange, leaving some parts (like the back legs, belly, ears, and tail) with more yellow. Fill in the nose a little extra. Add a short mane down the back of the neck too.
With your brown, fill in the hooves, tail, the ends of the horns as well as the inside of the ears.
Now comes the longest part, filling the giraffe with all its spots! They come in all sorts of shapes, the main thing is they get a lot smaller when they reach the legs.
Add a shadow using the side of your pencil below, sign it, and your giraffe is complete! 🎉