Today's instrument will use a number of colors and a black marker.
We'll draw a circle with a rectangle coming out the top right.
Draw a backwards "C" shape behind the rectangle and sort of around the circle.
At each end of the "C" shape, draw some small curves in the opposite direction. Add a thin bar at the end of your rectangle.
Then close off the bottom of your guitar, and draw a rectangle inside.
Follow the bottom right edge of the main body to add some depth, then add lines inside the rectangle, and darken the right edge.
Draw a small pair of curves at the top of the rectangle.
Then finish it off with 2 more curves on the side, and another at the top. At 3 "T" shapes on each side.
Add a circle for each of the "T" shapes.
Here comes the trickiest part! Draw 6 lines, one from each circle, going down the rectangle, over the circle, and touching the bottom rectangle.
Fill both rectangles in with the black crayon.
Fill the main body with yellow...
...and then color over it with orange. Alternatively, just use an orange-yellow crayon.
Fill in the last parts with your brown crayon.
Sign it, and your guitar is complete! 🎉