Our last pond animal for the month will use a marker and 3 colors.
We'll start with a simple eye.
Around the eye we draw an "S" shape, with a little fluff on the top curve.
With a sideways "V" at the top, finish a little more of the curves on the right.
Finish your long beak and add a nostril.
On the left side we'll add our basic wing, which looks like a huge almond.
Add some feathers to the bottom and edge.
Add the long feathers under the neck and belly.
A few lines from the bottom will give your bird some legs.
Finish off the leg with some feet.
Ready to color!
Color your eye and beak yellow.
Color the legs brown, very lightly shade the neck brown, and add it into the beak as well.
Lightly color the wing blue, with the edge feathers and belly blue, and give the heron it's trademark "side bang" above the eye and over the back of the head.
Sign it and your heron is complete! 🎉