Today we're going to use a marker and 2 crayons. No pencils this time! 😱
Draw 2 parentheses, with the right one smaller than the left.
Make a curve connecting the 2 parentheses from the bottom, then do the same at the top, making sure to add a tiny hook at the ends.
Segment your shape with curve lines going from the top to the bottom.
On the right side, draw a small curve upwards, then going to the left about half way your main shape.
From the left side, draw a curve slanting upward,then right, then down. Draw a pair of thinner lines coming out from the corner points.
Connect the bottom right corner to the center of the "down" line. Then draw a circle behind everything, covered up a little on the bottom.
Draw a smaller ring inside the circle to create a border, then give it some depth in the back.
Draw a small circle in the middle with a pair of lines coming out, one on each side.
Give the circles and lines some depth too. Also add a pair of lines that go down from each side of the circle.
Draw a bunch of slanted lines to cover up the circle (minus the bar going down).
Then add another set of lines going down.
Lastly, add a curve on the inside of the circle. 
You can now add a shadow and some lines to give the illusion that its floating.
Fill the bottom "skirt" as well as the fan insides with your black crayon. You can make the bottom half of the skirt extra dark.
Now use your red (or your favorite color) to fill in the rest. I left some white areas to make it look shiny.
Sign it, and your hovercraft is complete! 🎉