A black marker and a crayon is all we need today. If you have a ruler handy, you might want to grab that too!
Draw a pair of slanted lines, sort of pointed between the 9 and 10 o'clock position.
Close off the sides with vertical lines.
From the top corner, draw a long line which comes down with the same line shapes you have on the left.
Finish connecting the bottom side, and then draw a pair of squares (in perspective) on each corner.
Draw a thin line between the squares, along the bottom.
From the top of the squares, draw a cutout using 3 lines.
Draw another set of 3 lines to create the area the keys will be in. Connect the top right corner to the cutout's corner.
This part is tricky, but do you best to draw lines, in the same direction, with equal spacing, for your keys. Don't worry about being perfect though, I sure didn't!
Don't forget to draw the ends too.
Starting from the first key on the left (mine is slightly covered) draw a pattern for the black keys: 2 black keys, a space, 3 black keys, a space, and repeat till you run out of room.
Lastly, draw in some details for your keyboard. If you have one at home, you can copy what it has! I made mine very simple: screen in the middle, some buttons, and a speaker on each side.
Then color it in!
Sign it and your keyboard piano is complete! 🎉