A pencil, marker, an orange and brown crayon will be used for today's animal.
We'll start off with an oval.
And then a triangle to the right of it.
To the top left of the oval, draw a smaller, vertical oval.
Lastly, draw a more slender oval near the bottom left. The bottom should align closely to the bottom corner of the triangle.
From the middle of the oval, go up and around the triangle on the right side, and add a smaller curve on the inside.
Fill in the belly up to the front oval.
Finish off the back leg by continuing down from the curve, making 3 toes, and then come back up around to connect the ankle to the leg.
Draw in the back leg in a similar way, you can have the bottom bend a little back.
Draw a backwards "S" shape to create your tail.
Draw lines on each side of the front oval, then continue them down, and draw another set of 3 toes (like small egg shapes). Add a tuft of hair between the arm and belly.
On the top oval, let's draw a pair of eyes, and a short "T" shape for the nose.
Draw the mouth by drawing a short line from the center of the nose, and going out to each side with a small curve up at the end. Then draw the chin.
Draw some small hairs on the top of the oval, and bring up the edges of the mouth near the sides of the nose.
Draw another tuft of hair above the smaller ones from before, and then close the sides of the oval a bit.
Now we can add the initial mane by drawing hair all around the head.
Draw a second layer of hair, starting from the right side and going down to the back. You can connect the rest of the lion's back to this hair now too.
Continue it all the way down and around to the bottom left side of the first mane.
Draw in the final leg on the left side of this mane.
Fill in your claws on each toe.
Go ahead and erase your pencil marks now.
Ready to color!
Using the orange, lightly color the whole face and belly, and then color in the smaller mane.
Swapping to the brown, lightly color the body,
Then color in, this time with more pressure, all the hair, the nose, and the back leg. I also added some brown around the face and a little inside the small mane too.
Add a shadow using the side of your pencil below, sign it, and your lion is complete! 🎉