We'll be using a lot of colors for our last drawing of the year!
Start off with some stars, especially making the center star nice and tall.
Draw a wide and upside down "V" shape.
Close it off with a rectangle, adding a column on each side and a thin floor.
Draw a set of 3 lines...
...and then connect them to make a box shape. Add a little circle inside.
Finish off the baby and the box.
We'll draw simple parents. Starting with mom on the left...
...and dad on the right.
Draw another square with a column connected to the roof on each side. Then add 3 lines in each square.
Add a donkey inside the stable on the right.
Add another on the left.
Finish off by adding the floor, some back lines, and a little grass. I added a hay stack in the back too.
Use your yellow crayon to color the stars and hay.
Use your orange to shade the center star and hay, and also use it to lightly add the initial layer of skin on the people in the scene.
Color dad's robe green.
Then mom and baby can use the blue.
If you have a grey crayon, you might prefer to use it, but I went ahead and used the blue on the donkeys too.
With the brown, again lightly color the skin of the humans, so that they have a nice tan tone. Color in the hair too.
Now color the main panels of wood, as well as the donkey's hair.
Then with a bit more strength, color the rest of the scene with a darker shade.
Feel free to shade in a little of the night sky and grass. Sign it and your nativity is complete! 🎉