For today's animal we'll use a black marker, along with 3 crayons.
Start off with a pair of oval eyes.
Draw a tear drop shape around the eyes but don't connect it completely at the top.
At the bottom of the drop, draw an oval for the nose. Then at the top edges, draw your ears.
Draw an arc of fur across the ears and a set of whiskers on the nose.
Draw a large curve that trails off into fur on the left side of the head. Right below the nose draw an upside-down "U" and on the right side draw a line down that finishes off in some fur too.
From the far left you can bring out another tuft of fur with a long tail. Add some more fur and curves to finish off the belly and arm. Add some lines of fur in the middle of the body too.
Draw some feet and hands.
Using your brown crayon, lightly fill in the tail, face, and all along the bottom side of the body. Also add some extra shadow that goes from the eyes toward the nose.
Using the pink crayon, fill in the tail, foot, hands, and nose.
Finally, with your black crayon, very lightly take a second pass over all the brown in the body (except the face). Then fill in the ears and bottom of the body with a darker pass.
Sign it, and your possum is complete! 🎉