We'll be using a black marker and crayon for today's critter.
We'll start off with a small pair of eyes.
Followed by his nose, which looks like a lop-sided "U" with a black oval in it.
On the other side of the eyes, draw some fuzzy hair about as wide as the eyes, in a small arc.
At the sides of this hair, draw a pair of ears (round triangles) and close them off at the bottom with more fuzz.
Fill in the the rest of the fuzzy head (making a sort of wide diamond shape) and then draw a large curve for the back.
From the head, draw a curve that comes down, then goes back up with some fuzzy fur.
Draw a pair of hands, and the back arm.
Go straight with some fuzz to make the belly, then come down with a curved line and then curve back up to the top curve with some more fur. Draw a foot.
Add another foot and part of the left in the back.
Lastly, draw the big fuzzy tail, with more of the fuzz toward the tip.
Add some lines above and below the lines to mark your mask.
Fill in the mask, ears, hands, and feet with the black. Fill in the rest of the raccoon's body lightly for a gray shade, leaving some areas like the belly, snout, and eye brows as white.
For the tail, add some stripes going down, fill the white parts very lightly.
Sign it, and your raccoon is complete! 🎉