We'll be using a marker along with a brown and black crayon today.
Start off by drawing an eye with a small brow above it.
Then an ear to the top left of it.
We'll draw a snout with a flat-ish nose, and a round jaw line.
Add the nostril and mouth.
For the neck use a solid line at the top, but a fuzzy set of lines for the bottom.
Draw the back with a bump right next to the neck, and come around for the hind legs, but stop before actually drawing the legs. Add a fluffy tail.
Back to the right side, continue with the fuzzy dashes with a special bump for the front leg. You can now add the curves for the top part of the back leg.
Finish both legs with some furry parts right above the hoof.
Finish up the other pair of legs.
To draw the antlers, start with a pair of curvy lines that look like the antenna of a bug.
Finish the outline of the antlers, with each side having a "U" shape, almost like crab claws, and add an extra spike on one side.
Repeat this again behind the previous antler.
Ready to color!
We only need the black for the hooves, ear, and a little on the nose.
Color the rest of your reindeer using the brown, using it lightly on the neck and chest area.
Sign it and your reindeer is complete! 🎉