Today's animal will use a pencil, marker, and 2 crayons.
We'll start off with a large oval in the center of our page.
Next we'll add a smaller oval on the top right, and a large oval on the left side.
On the right side, below the small oval, add another shape, something that looks like a big bean.
Along the bottom edge, draw a pair of gumdrop shapes, slightly overlapping.
Switch to your marker and add a pair of ears at the top of your bean shape. The ears look like thin leaves.
Connect the space between the ears, and add some wrinkles in the back, as well as outlining that front hump by going over and around the small oval up top.
Add a pair of horns in the middle and end of the bean.
Trace the rest of the head, adding a few wrinkles around the horns, as well as the eye you will place behind in small horn.
Add some wrinkles along the bottom of the neck, as you trace down to the edge of the gumdrop.
Go back to the top hump and trace the back and rear of the rhino, stopping at the bottom of the back oval.
You can start the foot with a set of 3 lines, a sort of open "L" shape, and then a straight line along the bottom.
Finish the foot and leg, and trace the rest of the belly, again, till you reach the gumdrop.
Go ahead and draw the back leg similar to the other. Add some toenails.
Draw 2 curved lines around the top edge of the top gumdrop to create folds of skin.
Finish tracing the leg and foot, in what looks similar to an hourglass shape, and then draw in some toenails. Do the same for the final leg in the back.
Make your rhino all nice and wrinkly, particularly around the legs and belly.
Go ahead and erase all your pencil marks.
Ready to color!
The first color can be a blue, purple, or gray, completely filled up in your rhino, minus the horns. Make the back legs a little darker than the rest.
Now using a brown (or orange/red) shade some more along the bottom side of the rhino.
Add a shadow using the side of your pencil below, sign it, and your rhinoceros is complete! 🎉