Today's instrument will use a marker and 2 colors.
Started with an oval that's tilted to the left.
Inside the oval we'll draw a "C" shape, and fill in another oval.
From the left side, we're going to draw a hook shape that stops right after the curve, and then do a similar curve, albeit much wider, on the other side. Connect these with a small rectangle.
Draw a pair of circles on the left edge of the shape so far.
Bring out a long line on the right side, ending in a similar rectangular band like before.
Draw a few more buttons, I did 4 medium circles on the bottom, and then 3 small ones near the top.
Draw a thin "pipe" that goes from the top and curves into the second big circle from earlier.
From each circle, draw a line that connects it to the pipe.
On the left side, draw 3 more circles that go up along an invisible line...
...which you can fill in after the circles are complete. Add an additional pipe between the top left button and the band above it.
Draw a very curvy shape, similar to a short "7", that comes out the top side of the band.
Draw a circle around the end of the previous shape, and then something that looks likes a tear drop around the circle.
Add a pair of stripes within the mouth piece you just drew, and fill the rest in.
Fill your instrument in with the yellow crayon.
Then use your orange to fill in some more shadows, and the empty parts of the mouth piece.
Sign it and your saxophone is complete! 🎉