Grab a marker, black crayon, and brown crayon.
Start with a small little curve.
Draw a larger curve extending from the top, ending in a tall ear shape. Make sure to draw the second ear in the back as well.
Draw a nice, big eye in the middle of your shape.
From the initial small curve, finish up the mouth with a pair of short and longer curves, then draw a long curve coming out from the ear.
Draw your first arm, with a nut of your choice grasped within the hands.
Draw the fingers for the arm in the back, as well as a few lines to show the arm. Bring down the other side of the squirrel as well.
Along the whole bottom, add a bunch of short lines to show the squirrel's fluffy fur. Add a longer line of fur in the middle to show where the legs split.
From the back draw an S shape, and then curve some more fur lines all around it.
Draw some long feet under your squirrel's fur.
Lastly, draw in some whiskers and the inside of the ear.
Take your black crayon and very lightly (as light as you can, honestly) shade in most of the squirrel, leaving out the tail, mouth, and part of the belly area white. Fill in most of the ear with a darker black.
Then with your brown crayon, go over all the gray, but also fill in the tail and nut. You might want to take a second pass to fill in certain areas with more brown.
Sign it, and your squirrel is complete! 🎉