We'll be using a marker, pencil, black, and blue crayon today.
Start by drawing a small circle, and then a larger circle to the right of it.
Connect the top and bottom edges of the circles.
Draw a curve on the right side of the circle, this extends the nose of the submarine.
Draw a long trapezoid through the left circle, with a rectangle coming out the left of it. You can round the corners if you want.
Draw 2 circles to make a "ring" that overlaps the left circle a bit.
Draw one more, diagonal, rectangle shape on the bottom left corner of your other fins.
Following the left edge of the big circle, draw a slanted rectangle shape on the top edge.
Draw an "L" sort of shape that curves along the bottom right beside it.
Draw an additional tube shape along the top edge.
You can now outline most of you submarine, leaving the ring for the next step.
Outline the ring, and add a propeller fin inside.
Outline the back edge of the nose, which should follow the shape of your right circle, but moved aside to the right a bit. Add what looks like a squished "D" around the center left of it.
You can add a few bumps along the side of the main tube, and some "L" shaped panels in the top portion.
Add a final fin coming out the side. It kinda looks like 2 long ovals, framed within a rectangle.
Erase all your pencil marks.
Get those colors ready! This will be very simple...
First add a very light layer of black across the whole ship, except a small, blank circle of white near the nose.
Then take your blue (any shade) crayon and go through all of it again. Darken the bottom edge, side, and back fins a little more than the rest of the sub.
You can shade a light blue all around the submarine with the side of your crayon to make it look like it's underwater. Sign it, and your submarine is complete! 🎉