A pencil and 2 markers is what we'll use for today's vehicle.
Draw a vertical line on your page.
Draw a tiny dot at far right edge of the page.
Connect your previous line to the dot to make a huge triangle (you can use a ruler if you want to be exact, but just try to get close if you didn't, like me!)
To the left of the line, draw another, shorter line, and then connect it the same way. It should look like a book cover, at a slight angle.
Draw 2 more vertical lines. One near the first, which almost makes the left side look like a box. The second line should be much further away.
Now try to split your large rectangle into 3, drawing 2 more lines that go into the dot again.
Now that our guide lines are done, grab your marker and draw a line that goes down to the bottom third, and then angles inward.
Draw a line with a half circle in it, parallel to the bottom line.
Draw 3 ovals, each on inside the other.
On the right side of your half circle, continue the line almost to the bottom guideline. Bring it to the right, and then back around. It should look kind of like a butter knife.
On the left side, make a curved bumper along the bottom edge of your "book cover" shape.
Add a line to finish your tire, and fill the back in.
On the far left edge, make a line that goes about a third of the way up, and then hooks in a little bit.
From there, draw a slanted line up to the top, but make sure to curve as you reach the top line.
From the top of your vertical line, come about half way and then curve down with another long slanted line. It should reach to the bottom third as well.
Close the top with a slight curve.
As well as the bottom of your long slanted lines.
Follow the top third guideline to make a trapezoid shape on the side of your vehicle.
Draw an almost straight line on the top, and a slightly slanted line on the bottom, from the lines of your previous trapezoid.
Draw a pair of headlights on the front, with your right light making a curve that lines up with your bottom guideline.
Draw a thicker border on all the edges of your windshield, splitting the side of the window in two parts.
Start drawing the back of your truck using your guidelines.
Draw 2 small tires at the bottom right, and then draw a straight line right next to the left one.
Draw another trapezoid flipped underneath your truck, with a small rectangle underneath that. Then connect the bottom edge of it to the line next to the tires.
Fill in your tires, and everything behind what you've draw along the bottom of your truck, as well as in between the truck and the trailer.
You can now erase all your pencil lines.
Nice and clean!
Color in the front of your truck with whatever color you'd like.
If you don't have a gray marker, then use a lot of thin lines to shade the bottom parts of your truck.
You can also shade in the windshield, leaving some large white sections for a reflection.
Lastly, you can shade along the bottom of your truck. I additionally shaded a little bit along the bottom of the side windows, and the area right above the headlights.
Sign it and your truck is complete! 🎉