Today we're going to use a marker and 2 crayons.
Draw a line that curves slightly upward, like the top of a banana.
On the left side, bend down a little bit, and then extend a second line, similar to the first, starting a little further left and opening up a little on the right.
Close off the bottom line with a small "hammer" looking shape on the right side.
From the top line, go from the right edge down to the hammer shape, then continue below it to continue the shape of your boat, thinning it out on the left side.
Add a rectangle with a stick to connect it to the boat.
Draw a few more shapes to create the engine in the back.
Add some lines in the middle shape, and some life savers along the top edge of your boat.
Draw a square shape coming out from inside the boat, and add some circular windows.
Draw a rectangular roof on the square, and then draw 4 lines slanting out of it.
Add a cap on these lines, then extend a long line with a flag at the top. Add a few bars going down the line.
Add a rounded shape on the left side of the square.
Then draw some stairs that go up, across, and then back down the square's cap. Start adding some rails.
Finish up the rails across the whole boat.
Finish off with your marker by filling in the center shape, leaving a small space where the previous lines were, to make it look like white lines.
Color in the bottom of your boat, blue or black are good colors.
You can add some water if you want to make your boat look like its floating.
Fill in the top half of the boat with red, as well as the flag and the container on the left.
Add some shade to your circle windows and the ones up top. Fill in the caps as well.
Sign it, and your tugboat is complete! 🎉