Get your black marker along with your orange, green, and brown crayon.
Draw a large hump in the middle of your page.
Close the button with a wavy curve. Note that the tall part of the "wave" is on the left side.
Draw 2 more similar waves inside the shape. One thin near the edge, and another with more space.
One the right side of the "wave" draw what sort of looks like a chubby "d" shape.
Add 4 claws coming out of it.
Just to the left, draw the neck, head, and face of your turtle.
Draw a pair of lines through the eyes, add a few folds of skin around the neck, and close the bottom of the shell.
Draw the other hand with claws.
Finish off the rest of the body by drawing the underside of the shell, a back leg, and tail.
Fill in some of the corners around the neck.
On the shell, separate the bottom row with segments.
Add an oval on top and then split the middle section into segments as well.
Ready to color!
Color the top of the shell brown.
Color the rest of the shell orange.
Everything else can now be colored green.
If you want, a lot of these pond turtles usually have striped patterns on them. I added a splotch of range on the neck, and a pair of lines on the neck, legs, and feet.
Sign it and your turtle is complete! 🎉