Our last aircraft this month will use a pencil, marker, and 2 crayons.
Let's draw a slanted rectangle in the middle of our page, and then cut if in half.
On the second half, cut it in half again, twice. Draw a half way notch on the segments in the middle.
Split off the left side of the rectangle a little bit as well, and then draw a half way notch along the bottom in the resulting rectangle there too.
Now split the rectangle horizontally, along the top, less than a quarter of the height. Also add a small line above the rectangle, about the rectangle's height away.
With your marker, trace from the half-way spot to the end of your rectangle and finish with a small curve.
Using the top notch as a guide, create a large fin on the back. It should be a little taller than the horizontal line that you have floating above everything.
Add the side fin now.
Back to the top-left size of the rectangle, draw a small slat that hits the top edge of the rectangle, then go back just a bit past the half-way notch.
Then curve that top line down to meet the rest of the body.
Draw a nose in that bottom left area, and then continue tracing along the bottom to just before the half-way notch.
Just to the next notch along the bottom, and then trace all the way back to the tail, curving up once you reach the top notch.
Draw a pair of curves on each end of the open lines.
Draw your wing (a pair of curved lines) and finish it off with a thin triangle at the tip.
Draw a thinner wing in the back, and also finish that off with a triangle tip.
Draw 3 small rectangles right above the nose for the cockpit.
Erase all your lines.
Time for the final touches!
Draw a pair of triangles on the back of the wing, and add a hidden engine near the left side.
For the front wing, we'll properly add a pair of engines. Each one is basically a cylinder on its side, with a small triangle on the right side, connected up to the wing with a parallelogram.
Trace a bottom section for your plane, and add a couple of doors. I added one to the left, middle, and right of my wing, as well as one right before the back fin.
Fill in the spaces between the doors with small windows.
Using the black crayon, I shaded in the backs of the engines, as well as the pieces connecting it to the wing.
Then I took my color (in this case I used green, but you can use any color) and filled in the doors, fins, and some parts of the wings and engines.
Add some actions lines, sign it, and your airplane is complete! 🎉