Our final aircraft for this month will also use 2 colors.
Draw a big circle.
Then draw a smaller circle to the top left of it.
Draw another circle overlapping the first one.
Connect the big and small circles with lines on each side.
Draw a triangle coming out of the top of your small circle.
Add 2 more triangles coming out each side as well.
Draw a big triangle coming out the middle section.
And do the same on the other side.
Draw 2 circles under each triangle.
Draw a line from the bottom of the 2 small circles, and connect it back to the triangle.
Fill in that new space, along with all the triangles, and the bottom right circle.
Draw 2 black circles inside your "wing circles" and fill them in.
Draw a rectangle in your big circle, above the filled in one.
Then draw a couple filled in circles going down the side.
Add a pair of lines coming off the ends of each triangle.
Your airplane is complete! 🎉