We'll be using a black marker, a pencil, and 2 crayons to draw this dinosaur.
Draw a large oval, like an egg, tilted a little downward to the right.
Draw a left leaning line to the right of the oval.
Then draw another pair of larger lines to the left of the oval. These should almost form a "V", without connecting at the bottom.
Draw a long oval on the bottom right of your big oval.
Link another oval below, and a final, small oval at the bottom.
On the left side of the oval, draw another long oval from the middle, going down.
Then link another pair of ovals like before.
Now draw the bottom half of the back legs, similar to the ones you just made, but without the top long oval.
Draw a small oval on the far right of the page, above any other ovals or lines.
Draw a straight vertical line near the left edge of your page.
Starting on the big left line, start drawing a curve that connects to the next line, goes around the top of the big oval, curves on the right line, and curves into the top most oval.
Starting from the middle of the top oval, curve down and around the bottom of the big oval, and curve against the bottom of the 2 big lines.
From the top of the left big line, start curving down to the small line near the edge, we're going to use this line as our "limit" and start turning the curve toward the bottom of the left foot.
Finally, close off the fail by creating a matching curve, making sure that it gets tighter (closer to the other big curve) towards the end.
Starting from the head, start outlining the top of your dinosaur with the marker.
Curve around the head to make a mouth.
Draw a second curve that goes past the small oval and a little into the neck.
Finish off the face with an eye and a pair of small curves at the top of the head.
Now continue using the pencil line and trace the rest of the neck, till you reach the front leg.
Outline the front leg with some curves, add a pair of toenails on the foot, these can be small, round triangles.
Do a similar thing to the big back leg and trace the bottom of the stomach.
Finish the last curve of the tail.
Finish the pair of back legs as well.
You can now start cleaning up all the pencil lines with an eraser.
All clean!
Lightly color in the whole dinosaur with any color, here we'll use brown.
Then shade in the bottom of the stomach, tail, head, and the back legs with an extra hard pass.
Now shade the bottom of the neck, stomach, and tail with the orange. Feel free to add some stripes on the tail and the top of the back.
Add small lines to give the dinosaur a "rough skin" texture.
Lastly, use the side of your pencil to shade in a shadow beneath your dinosaur. Do an extra dark shade under the shadow below the stomach.
Now all that's left is to add your signature, and your apatosaurus is complete! 🎉