Our dinosaur today will only need 2 colors.
First we'll draw a circle in the middle of our page.
Draw a slightly smaller circle next to it, and connect it with a thick line.
Draw a long, squished, upside down "V" shape on the top of the circle.
Now draw a bigger "V" on the other side the circle.
Draw a big triangle coming out of the circle, on the right side.
And another one coming out on the left.
Draw a tiny little "V" to give our dinosaur a tail.
Draw a curve line coming out of the center circle.
Draw another upside down "V" to create your foot.
Then do the same on the left side.
Connect the foot to the middle of the wing, on the right side.
And do the same for the left foot and wing.
Fill in your dinosaur. If you want to get fancy, make the belly a different color!
Last but not least, let's make our dinosaur happy and draw a smiley face in the circle.
Your pteranodon is complete! 🎉