Today's pet will use a pencil, marker, and a pair of crayons (but feel free to choose whatever colors).
Draw a circle.
Draw a long triangle below the circle, and about as wide as it too.
Draw a pair of ovals half way down the triangle, meeting up at the tip.
Then draw another oval below each of the previous ovals, and finish off with a final, wide oval at the bottom.
Draw a curve coming down from the top of the "arm" to the back of the paws, on each side.
Don't forget to add the back paws (as ovals) too.
Draw some big eyes in your starting circle.
Draw the upside down triangle, with the mouth underneath. Toward the bottom of your circle, add a small chin.
At the top of the circle, draw a tuft of hair, I used an "M" shape in the center. Then draw a pair of large triangle shapes for the ears.
Trace down the sides of the head.
Then trace down the shoulders on each side.
Finish up one of the legs on the outside edge, along with the paw at the bottom.
Do the same on the other side, and then draw a pair of lines down the middle that split into a "Y" shape at the top, almost at the top of the ovals.
Trace the back legs along with their paws as well.
Draw your cat's tail.
And add the inside shape of the ears.
Go ahead and erase all your pencil.
Ready to color!
I filled in my cat all brown.
Then I darkened the nose, ears, chest, and behind the legs/tail.
Finish off with some yellow eyes.
Add some shadow, sign it, and your cat is complete! 🎉