This pet only needs 2 colors.
Draw a circle.
Draw a triangle below the circle.
Draw an "S" on the side of the triangle.
Draw another "S" and round off the end to connect it to the first.
Draw 2 small ovals at the bottom of the triangle.
Now draw 3 lines coming up from the edges of the oval.
Draw 2 triangles on the top of the circle.
Draw a pair of dots and an upside down triangle to make a nose.
Draw 2 "U" shapes connected to the nose, one on each side.
Draw 3 lines on each side of the circle.
Color in the nose, and if you want, add some spots or stripes on the tail.
Color in the rest of the pet. Try not to color over black crayon, and instead color around it, or else it might mix with your other color.
Your cat is complete! 🎉