We'll stick with just 2 colors for today's vehicle.
Draw 2 circles on your page.
Draw a big dot in the middle of your circles.
Make a long L shape come out from the dot on the left.
Now draw a line in-between both circles, but don't connect it to anything!
Draw 2 more lines coming up from the middle line. The left line should be a little taller than the right.
Draw 2 more dots: One to the top-left of the first circle, the other to the top right of the second circle (make this one even higher up).
Make a curve going from the left dot, going around the circle, and connecting to the corner of the middle lines.
Draw 2 lines from the right dot, to the edges of the right line, to make a triangle.
Draw 2 more lines across the top. One to connect the middle lines, and then a second curve to finish the front.
Draw another triangle coming out of the dot in the right circle.
Draw another circle around your first circle and fill it in to make it look like a tire. Don't worry about drawing over the triangle.
Now do the same for the left circle. Also make the bottom part of the "L", and the top stick a little bigger.
Draw an "X" inside each of the tires.
Draw a small line on the top, in the middle of the 2 right lines.
Fill in the seat!
Color in your bike however you want, I made mine red and drew a happy face on the side.
Your dirt bike is complete! 🎉