We'll only need a pencil and marker for this vehicle.
We'll start by drawing a long rectangle.
Split that rectangle in half. Split the left half in half as well.
Then split down the middle, long-wise. Split the top and bottom halves, in half again. You should have 4 equal rows.
Draw the wheels: one in the first quarter column, a little below the half way point. Then another wheel, towards the ride side.
From the middle of your second column, draw a straight line to the bottom of the first row.
On the other side, draw from the top to just above and to the right of the center line, on the left edge.
Draw a trapezoid that stays to the left of the wheel. Add a line on the top of your trapezoid.
From the top right corner of your trapezoid, draw a straight line to the end of the line on the opposite side.
Draw a backwards L, with a slight angle, that almost touches the wheel.
Below it, draw another trapezoid, separated by a thin rectangle, from your L shape.
Draw 2 lines right above the wheels that are slightly less wide than the actual circles.
Make each of the previous lines into trapezoids without the bottom, and then connect them in the center with a line, using the top edge of the bottom row as a guide.
Fill in another small trapezoid on the left side.
Give a border to each of the top edges of your trapezoid shapes along the bottom. Add a thin rectangle that comes down from the center bottom line.
Draw in the circles.
Fill the back in with your marker.
Draw a line along the bottom edge of your vehicle.
Back to your top "triangle", draw a wide angle, the left line should reach about the center of your wheel, while the right should make it just past the center of your initial rectangle.
Draw a small line coming down from the right line, and then connect it back to the left line. Retrace the edge to make it thicker.
Split up the window by making a small triangle on the left, and another line on the right side.
From each of the splits of the window, and the right edge, draw a line that goes down to the bottom of the vehicle.
Draw small L shapes for your door handles.
Draw a hexagon in the middle of each circle.
Draw a rectangle coming out of each edge of the hexagon.
Connect each of the rectangles to the one next to it with a line.
You can now erase all your pencil guidelines.
Draw in a pair of curves to show the tires on the other side.
Fill in all your tires with tread marks.
Fill in the tires and bottom edges of your vehicle with a dark gray.
Then, using the side of your pencil, fill the rest of the vehicle with a light gray.
Shade in a shadow below the vehicle, and if you want, fill in the windows with some shade and a reflection.
Your pickup truck is complete! 🎉