Our pet today will use a pencil, 2 markers, and 2 crayons!
Draw an egg shape, with the "smaller" side pointing to the top right. Somewhere around the 1 or 2 on a clock.
At the top of the egg, draw a very "round" triangle. It looks like a guitar pick, or maybe candy corn.
Make a larger "round" triangle at the bottom of the egg shape.
Inside that large triangle, draw an eye with your marker.
Trace the top edge of your pencil guidelines so far.
Draw a D shape that has a little extra "swoosh" coming off the top side.
Using a couple of curves, connect the mouth to the rest of the head. It should look like a couple of wrinkles.
Wrap around the bottom of the mouth to make a lip, and loosely follow around the triangle to make the head.
Draw another curve to finish your gill, and draw a couple more wrinkles under the head. Start tracing the bottom of the fish as well, but leave a small gap near the front.
Draw backwards "L" shape around the cheek, behind the eye.
Go ahead and erase all your pencil marks.
Flipping to your red marker, start drawing out the front fin in the gap you left. The sides of the fin should go all the way down, and then you have thinner lines in the middle.
Add another 2 fins along the bottom of your fish, one right behind the front one, and another near the end.
Draw the top fin of your fish.
And finally draw the biggest fins on the back. You can make this as simple or fancy as you want, goldfish come in so many shapes!
Once you're done with the fins, start draw some scales. I did 2 columns near the front, and then filled the bottom half of the body first. Fill in the gill now too!
Then fill in the top half with slightly smaller/thinner scales.
Using your crayons now, fill in the bottom half with a light color, like yellow. Make sure to get the bottom of the head as well.
Now fill in everything with orange, even the parts you colored in yellow.
Do a second pass with your orange, this time drawing extra hard along the top edge of your fish, and inside the fins to create some more lines.
Fill in your fish's mouth with yellow and then draw a small yellow border around all the scales on the top half of your fish.
Sign it and your goldfish is complete! 🎉