Our final pet this month will use a marker, pencil, and 3 colors.
Start off with an almost totally circular oval. Like a short, fat egg.
Now draw a more normal egg shape that pops out a little from the top and reaches about half way into your "circle" from before.
Add a pair of "shark fins" on each side of the top. They aren't totally sharp like horns, try to curve the tips a little.
Switch over to your marker and start off with some small eyes in the center. Leave a white circle in each.
Draw a moon shape, then finish up the mouth below it.
Add a chin, and fill in the top part of the head.
Add a bunch of tiny lines to draw "fur" all around the head now.
Trace the ears now, and add an extra curve on the inner edge of each.
Trace the rest of the body, but leave the bottom portion and finish it off with the fur from before.
Draw 4 little ovals, on each side, for the toes.
Then complete the foot and attach it to the body.
Draw another pair of 4 ovals for the hands.
Feel free to add a nut or seed in the hamster's hands.
Erase all the pencil marks.
You can now fill in the nose, hands, and feet with the pink color.
Switch to your orange and fill in the head and shoulders, and then a curved stripe for each "arm" on the sides.
Using your brown, add a little bit on the top of the head, on the shoulders, and a light amount across the bottom of your hamster.
Let's not forget the ears and mouth too!
Add some shadow with your pencil, sign it and your hamster is complete! 🎉