Today's aircraft will use 2 colors.
Draw a line near the center of your page.
Close it with a half circle, like you drew a big "D", but sideways.
Draw a small rectangle on the bottom right.
From the center of your rectangle's bottom edge, draw a triangle that goes through it's top right corner.
Draw a circle inside your half circle.
Draw a small line with a big dot on top, coming out from the top center of your half circle.
Draw a big (but short) oval that goes around the dot.
Draw a dot in the middle of your triangle.
Then draw a circle around that.
Draw an "X" over your last 2 dots, till they reach the edge of the circle or oval.
Draw a thin rectangle under the first line you drew, and then connect them with 2 small lines.
Fill in your rectangle, and then the rest of your drawing. 
Your helicopter is complete! 🎉