Our tools for today's dinosaur: a marker, pencil, and pair of crayons.
Start off by drawing a circle.
Then draw an oval (more of an egg shape) with the "thinner end" pointing away from the circle.
Draw a pair of smaller ovals toward the bottom right.
Draw your upside down "V" shapes very widely, coming out the top of the oval.
On each corner of the wings, and the ends of the small ovals, and 3 little fingers and toes.
Draw arms using a pair of long, thin ovals coming out from the center body, toward the "hands", with a small bend at the elbow.
Draw a beak coming out of the circle, and a similar (but thinner) shape coming out from the top.
From the elbows, draw 2 lines, slightly less than the length of the center oval body.
For the last pencil bit, we'll connect the head to the body.
Draw a pair of eyes with eyebrows in the circle.
Trace around the head, leaving a small opening at the back of the head where the neck connects.
Add 2 lines near the eyes for nostrils, and add a smile.
Finish tracing the neck, arm, and body.
Trace the legs and toes.
Trace the arm in the back too!
Draw out the tips of the wings, making them even longer than what you did with the pencil, if the wings look too small.
Finish the bottom edge of the wing, using the lines coming out of the elbows as guide to where the curve should be. Add a small tail between the legs.
Add dots and dashes around the wing and skin to give it some texture.
Go ahead and erase the pencil guidelines.
Ready to color!
Fill in with a lighter color.
Then fill in the dark color for shadows. I filled in the wings (but not the arms), tail, beak, and the bottom of the belly's edge.
Sign it, and your pteranodon is complete! 🎉