Today's aircraft will really just need a pencil and marker.
Draw a pair of circles, one in the top right, and a much smaller one to the bottom left.
Connect the sides of the circle, and then draw a dot to the top right of the bigger circle.
Connect the dot to each side of the circle with a curved line to make what looks a lot like a water drop.
Draw one more circle in the middle of your drawing so far.
Let's draw in the nose of the rocket, along with a windshield. The windshield is like a rounded triangle, with a pair of white ovals inside for shine.
Trace the rest of the body, and use the middle circle to help divide the body in 2 pieces.
At each of the 2 back circles, draw a 2nd curve to make a "band" at the bottom and middle.
Now let's draw some fins at the top.
Draw more fins in the middle (and fill in the band).
And some smaller fins at the bottom (and also fill in this band).
We'll add a few details like panels and such.
And then get rid of the pencil marks that are left.
We're going to draw 4 lines, to create 2 long columns that go up and down the rocket.
On the right column, fill it in nice and dark with your pencil, and then lightly shade everything else to the right of it.
Shade in the middle portion very lightly in the space between your left column and your dark column.
Leave the left column white, but add a thin, dark column right to the left of it, and then shade the rest with a a similar light shade as you've done before.
Lastly, you can add some boost to the bottom if you want. I threw in a little yellow and orange crayon too.
Sign it and your rocket is complete! 🎉