We'll be using a black marker, a pencil, and 2 crayons to draw our final dinosaur.
Draw a large oval in the center of your page.
Follow that up with a slightly smaller oval to the top left of it.
Draw a longer oval coming out the backside of your center oval.
Draw another oval (almost bean shaped) underneath it, and then a very round triangle-like shape at the bottom of that.
Draw 3 toes.
Repeat the last 3 steps again, slightly smaller, to the left.
Draw 2 thin and long ovals toward the left of the center oval.
Draw a small hand with 2 claws and a thumb.
Then do the same for the other arm.
Lastly, draw a small line on the right edge as a guide.
Start with the eye on the top oval. Give it a big eye brow above it.
Draw a similar brow directly to the left of that, and follow the oval's curve toward the bottom, but stop as soon as you fill in most of the bottom. Add a pair of nostrils.
Draw a smile into the oval, and follow it with teeth.
Finish up the bottom jaw and connect it back to the oval, stop around the level of the eye.
Draw the neck connecting to the center oval.
Do the same on the front, stopping where the arm should be.
Outline the arm.
Then outline the other arm.
Fill in the claws on the hands.
Continue the belly till the leg.
Finish the back, until you hit around the edge of that back leg.
From here, draw a curve that starts to turn right before hitting that guide line you drew before. Have the tail curve down near the feet.
Draw in the rest of the tail, making sure to keep it thin at the tip, then wide as it curves back into the leg.
Draw in the thigh.
And finish the rest of the leg and foot.
Draw in the other leg too.
Fill in the claws on the toes.
Start erasing all your pencil lines now.
All clean!
Draw in a bunch of small lines all around your dinosaur to give it some texture. Larger lines around the neck, belly, and tail.
Start coloring in your dinosaur.
With a darker color, add shadows along the neck, belly, the back arm and leg, and if you feel like it, add some stripes along the back too!
Lastly, use the side of the pencil to fill in a shadow.
Now all that's left is to add your signature, and your T-rex is complete! 🎉