We'll use 3 colors for this dinosaur.
Draw an oval in the middle of your page.
Draw a triangle half way in and coming out of the oval.
Draw another triangle, flipped on the other side of your first triangle.
Draw one more triangle at the bottom of your triangles.
Draw a line inside the oval, and a dot on the right side of your page.
Connect each side of the line to the dot and make a big triangle for the tail.
Draw a circle toward the top left of the oval.
Then draw a slightly smaller circle next to the first circle.
Connect the top and bottom edges of the circles with a line.
Then connect the first circle to the oval with some more lines.
Draw a "V" at the bottom of the neck, on the side of the oval.
Draw another "V" at the end of your other one, and a third little line to make a thumb for your dinosaur.
Draw a curve line inside the bottom triangle to make a big toenail.
Now color in the rest of your dinosaur, but leave the head uncolored.
Before we color the head, let's draw an eye, mouth, some teeth, and a nostril. Try not to let the teeth overlap with the blue lines.
Finish filling in your dinosaur.
Your T-rex is complete! 🎉