We'll be using a black marker, a pencil, and 2 crayons to draw this dinosaur.
Draw an oval, with a sort of egg shape.
Draw another oval coming out on the right side.
Then a third oval between the previous 2.
Draw a pair of much smaller ovals at the bottom of your biggest oval.
Chain another 2 ovals (one tall, the other wide) on the bottom of your previous 2 ovals.
Draw a longer oval on the back side.
Then finish off with another tall, then wide oval below that too.
Let's add another pair of ovals for that last leg in the back!
Switching to the marker now, draw a cover between the 2 ovals on the right.
Trace the top oval, but add some bumps along the way. Don't follow the line all the way.
Near the area where the 2 ovals overlap, draw an eye, a little eye brow, and then a large hump above them.
Get your first horn out!
Add another hump behind the first and finish tracing to the far right. Add another 2 horns.
Make a "beak" shape at the tip, then turn in to make the smile, and finish off the chin.
Follow down to make a neck and trace the top part of the leg.
Finish off the foot and add 3 toenails on the foot.
Finish off the other 2 legs nearby.
Finish tracing the belly, then draw the outline of the back leg.
Finish the leg as you've done before.
Trace the top of the back and stop right after you get past the back leg.
Make a "J" or hook shape coming off the top line.
Then curve it back into the middle of the back leg.
You can now erase all the pencil marks from before.
All cleaned up!
Add a bunch of lines and dots around the body, legs, face, and even horns to give your dinosaur some texture.
Fill in your dinosaur with your lighter color.
Then color in with your darker color to create your shaded areas. The back leg, the undersides, I even tossed some stripes up on the back!
If your color seems a little too light, take a second pass and color in harder around different areas. I left the top half of the back as before, but filled in the belly, legs, and the "shield" behind the head a lot more.
With the side of your pencil, shade in a shadow below your dinosaur.
Now all that's left is to add your signature, and your triceratops is complete! 🎉