We'll only need 4 crayons for this dinosaur.
We'll draw a big circle a little to the right.
Next, draw a little circle to the left.
Connect the top and bottoms of the circle with a line.
Draw a small square "behind" the first circle, against the edge of the bottom line.
Draw a bigger square at the bottom of the big circle.
Draw a big triangle coming out of the right side of the big circle.
Switch to your orange crayon and draw a big diamond on the top line.
Draw one more smaller diamond on the left, and 2 more small diamonds on the right of the big one.
Add 2 small triangles at the tip of the tail. It's like drawing an "M".
You're all done with the shapes! Start coloring in your orange shapes.
Fill in the rest of your dinosaur with your yellow green crayon.
Last but not least, let's make our dinosaur happy and draw a smiley face in the little circle.
Your stegosaurus is complete! 🎉