We'll use 2 colors for today's aircraft.
Start by drawing a dot, toward the bottom left of the middle of the page.
Draw an oval to the top right of it.
Then, further away, a backwards "C".
Connect the dot to one end of the "C", going around the oval with a curve.
Do the same on the other side. It doesn't have to be perfect, mine wasn't! 😁
Draw a line in the middle of the little "C", as well as coming out of the first dot.
Draw 2 triangles coming out the top end.
Draw 2 lines off to the sides of the drawing so far.
Then connect them to the drawing to make your wings.
Draw 2 "U" shapes under each wing.
Draw a curve at the lower end of the jet.
Fill in your nose, wings, and tail with your other color.
Draw some clouds and lines to make it look like it's flying in the sky, if you want!
Your fighter jet is complete! 🎉