Our tools for today's aircraft will be a pencil, marker, and color.
Draw a rectangle in the middle of your page, and split it in half, horizontally and vertically.
On the bottom half of the left edge, draw something between a "C" and "V" shape.
Trace along the bottom of your rectangle till about 3/4ths of the way, then create a slight slant beyond the right edge.
Now take a sharper turn up, and draw a slant coming from the top right corner to almost meet up, but leave a gap between the 2 lines.
Draw out a long segment coming out from the gap, rounded off at the tip.
Draw the tail fin on the top and bottom side of this long segment. They kind of look like flat shark fins.
Back on the left side, draw a curve from the "nose" that goes a little more than a 1/4 from the left and is close to the top of your original rectangle.
Draw a small step on top of the previous curve, with a second, larger step that reaches the top of the rectangle. Then connect that all the way to the back.
Draw 2 more windows next to your front window.
Draw a couple of lines to separate the top, as well as the door.
Draw 4 little "arms" coming out and connect the bottom "ski" shapes to them. Don't forget to draw the one in the back!
Draw a thin rectangle popping from the top, separate it into 3 parts.
Draw a pair of square "U" shapes on the sides of top third.
Draw your main rotors.
Finish up the back rotor as well.
Go ahead and erase your pencil lines now.
Ready to color!
Feel free to color the helicopter any way you'd like. In my case, I decided to make it like a news helicopter, so first I'll draw a number and a shape beside it.
Then I'll color in all of the back, some of the door, and the nose. I made the fins a little darker in the back too.
Using my pencil, I filled in the rotors up top, shaded the back "ski", shaded the windows, and added a shadow.
Sign it and your helicopter is complete! 🎉