We'll be using a black marker, a pencil, and 3 crayons to draw this dinosaur.
We'll start by making some basic shapes to guide us for later. Start with a big circle in the middle.
Next we're going to add 2 slanted lines next to the circle. The left line will be smaller and tilted a bit more.
Now make a curvy line from the bottom of the left line, going right around the circle, and connect it to the bottom of the right line.
Do the same on the top, but keep going past the right line and make another "wave" till you're near the edge of the page.
Now connect the bottom of the right line to the tip of the tail. Give it a bit of a curve, almost like you're drawing a super stretched out "S".
Let's draw a small circle near the left line, a little higher up. Than 2 large ovals attached to the big circle. The bottoms of both ovals should line up pretty close.
Now draw another tall oval, with a little squished oval on the bottom, underneath each of the previous ovals.
Go back to your small circle and draw a small curve to the lower left of it. This will serve as the nose of your dinosaur.
Draw a curve line from the top of the small curve, around the little circle, and to the top of the left line.
Now from the bottom of the small curve, draw a line but go half way up the circle and stop.
We'll actually finish the neck by connecting from the middle of the last line, to the bottom of the straight line.
We're all done with our guide lines! Now we're ready to use the marker. Let's start by drawing an eye, a small nostril, and a smile.
Now trace along the edge of the top pencil lines, you don't have to be perfect! I added a little bump at the head too.
Do the same on the neck, but stop when you make it to the leg.
Trace the first leg, and then make a similar line to the left of it for the other leg behind it.
We'll draw 2 little toes and then close up the foot at the end of each leg.
Follow the belly and do similar lines for the back leg.
And don't forget the last leg!
Finally, we can finish up tracing the bottom of the tail.
Draw 4 spikes at the end of the tail.
We'll draw one huge plate (its shaped like a curvy pentagon) coming right out of the back.
Then draw another big plate behind the first. Draw a couple more plates going up and down the back, in pairs.
Finally, I finish up the marker work by adding a bunch of small lines around different parts of the dinosaur, to make it look a little more wrinkly.
If you don't have a separate eraser, you can use the one on your pencil, but go ahead and erase all the pencil lines from before.
Now you have clean line art for your Stegosaurus!
Start coloring every other (skip one, color one, skip one, color one...) plate using your orange. Do this lightly. If you use markers or colored pencils, then use a light orange.
Now use a dark orange to color the rest, or color harder to make the crayon color stronger!
Fill in the rest of the dinosaur with some light green. I also made the toenails orange.
Now use your dark green to color in the legs in the back, and add some shade around the bottom parts of the dinosaur. Mainly around the belly and legs, but you can also shade a little on the top if you feel like it.
You can add a final shadow using your pencil again if you want. Now all that's left is to add your signature, and your stegosaurus is complete! 🎉